The Polo Bar: Ralph Lauren Outlet latest venture

Chic, luxurious and with equestrian themed decor, Ralph Lauren’s Polo Outlet Bar is everything you would expect from the world famous fashion designer.

The restaurant and bar is set to open this month at 1 East 55th Street, just down the road from a New York Ralph Lauren UK store. It will follow in the steps of Giorgio Armani and Bergdorf Goodman who have also created successful restaurants in the area.

It will be Ralph Lauren’s third bar and cuisine venture, following his RL Grill in San Francisco and Ralph’s in Paris. The designer also opened Ralph’s Coffee brand in September on the second floor of Ralph Lauren Polo Outlet flagship store. All branches stay true to Lauren’s impeccable style and his personal influence on the brand, as he states on the company website that, “The smell of freshly brewed coffee evokes so many memories, mostly of time spent with friends and family”.

The designer has said that the bar will not be a formal restaurant, he wants The Polo Bar to be enjoyed as somewhere people, “want to go twice a week”, more of a casual place than one saved for special occasions. Jeff Gordinier wrote for the Times that the bar is full of equestrian paintings and, “it feels like a country club as staged by Steven Spielberg.” It reflects Ralph Lauren Sale suave allure.

With revenue up 4% for the quarter or £2mill, Ralph Lauren is looking at global expansion. There are plans for 60 new stores to open in the next three years and for online sales to be pushed further. Revenue from online shopping has already increased by 30% this year, allowing his company to experiment with new projects.

It seems there is no business venture too big for the business mogul. From fashion designer to restaurateur Lauren is making the most of his empire.

Tyson Beckford locks lips with girlfriend Shanina Shaik who wears a pair of VERY cheeky mini shorts during romantic airport reunion

They have been apart for several days since she jetted home Down Under earlier this week. But Shanina Shaik and her boyfriend Tyson Beckford were reunited on Thursday at Sydney airport and they couldn’t be happier to be back in each other’s arms. The hunky male model, 43, has flown in to be with his ladylove, 23, just in time for Christmas. And it was a very romantic reunion indeed, with the muscular hunk lifting the brunette beauty up off her feet and engaging her in a lingering kiss on the mouth. Shanina certainly showed what Tyson has been missing, with the exotic runway star donning a pair of very cheeky white micro shorts which showed off her pert derriere and endless legs. She paired the attire with black sweater adorned with bat print, black leather ankle boots and her favourite Chanel quilted handbag.

Wearing minimal to no makeup, she let her brunette locks fall around her shoulders in soft waves and shielded her eyes with a pair of chic sunglasses. Meanwhile, Tyson showed off his muscular tattooed arms in a tight baby blue V-neck T-shirt teamed with black cargo trousers and a pair of sneakers. The pair were thrilled to see each other, with Shanina diving into the Ralph Lauren Outlet model’s arms on first sight. The couple proceeded to put on an amorous display, sharing a long kiss before walking back to their transportation hand-in-hand. And it appears that doting girlfriend Shanina had even brought her beau a morning pick-me-up following his long flight, carrying a cup of coffee in her hand. Shanina was first to land in her hometown last Saturday and once again looked chic in a a black scarf, black high-top sneakers with a white razor tank top and grey tights. The exotic beauty looked glamorous in the casual attire – wearing large designer sunglasses with her Chanel handbag in one hand and a Louis Vuitton keepall duffle slung over the other arm. The monogrammed designer luggage appeared to be her advanced Christmas present from Tyson.

Just before Shanina left New York for Melbourne, she shared a photo of Louis Vuitton boxes from her beau. ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,’ she captioned the shot, before adding the hash-tags ‘lucky girl’ and ‘he gets me’. And it would appear Shanina is one lucky girl indeed, with the small Keepall Bandouliere 45 retailing for AU$1,980. Also, the matching larger and smaller boxes in the photo, wrapped in yellow and pink striped ribbon, suggested the bag came with a matching purse or passport wallet as well. Shanina graced the hallowed runway of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show for the third time earlier this month, but in an interview shortly after the show she said she was still a bundle of nerves before stripping down to her smalls.

Speaking direct from New York, where she watched the televised version of the catwalk with the angels, she told Sunrise she’s not immune to feeling self-conscious when everything’s on show. ‘I’m in my lingerie and everything is bare and out there!’ she told hosts Samantha Armytage and David Koch. ‘I still get very nervous doing the Victoria’s Secret fashion Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet show!’ ‘It’s such a big show but once the music starts and once I get out on the runway, the adrenaline’s pumping and I feel really excited.’ With her washboard abs and killer thighs, mere mortals may be excused for thinking the raven-haired stunner had nothing to worry about as she strut down the coveted runway in a baby pink bra and underwear set.

Sitting in the stands cheering Shanina on from the sidelines wasTyson, who was busy capturing snaps on his smartphone while shouting his support. Despite dating an industry veteran, the Australian beauty said the on-again off-again couple aren’t the kind to nag each other about sticking to a diet or squeezing in an exercise routine. ‘I don’t really see Tyson…as a model (more so) as a boyfriend,’ the former Make Me A Supermodel star said. ‘Probably the benefit of dating him is that he guides me and supports me because he knows the business quite well,’ she continued, adding: ‘We’re like any other couple, very normal.

How to shop ralph lauren outlet this holiday for simple luxury

This last season I spent more time than I ever imagined with the simple task to shop pajamas. A comfy and proper pair of pajamas is the best simple luxury ever!

I recently found myself in a Ralph Lauren UK long sleeve. I searched for the perfect pair before my family reunion Florida get-away. I wanted something crisp, modest and fun to lounge and chase the kids as we shared two condos with our extended in-law family of 16.

It was not to be.

Here’s why. The first pair didn’t fit right when I tested them at home while I put a few things away. The shirt was too short and the pants fit like low rise pants. That’s not how I want to lounge. Since I’m tall (just over 5’10”), not everyone has that problem.

Some pajamas seem cheap. Most importantly, they don’t feel soft.

So, I exchanged my first trial pajamas for another pair from Tj Max. No size of my next black and white pair fit me the right way either.

In the past, I’ve found comfy and fun black and white Cynthia Rowley pajamas from Tj Max so had hope.

I walked across State Street in downtown Chicago to brose what Nordstrom Rack had to offer. I’ve bought Ralph Lauren Outlet sleep shirts from there in the past that look like a men’s pajama top dress version in a soft color like pink. They don’t keep my legs warm and seem mismatched with my husband’s pajama pants or random bottoms I wear.

Although I was drawn toward a Parisian inspired pair, I checked out a Cheap Ralph Lauren long sleeve floral print pair of pajamas.

My co-workers seemed to like it and my husband said they were fine, but not youthful. He asked why I obsessed over the pajama decision.

I happily wore my old summer black and white pajamas in Florida with a nightingale print that my four-year-old and I love.

Then, it happened. Yesterday, I went back for the Parisian pajamas.

I couldn’t wait to get home and try them on to sit on my couch with the boys. They’re perfect!

The top is a little long so I don’t flash anyone. The bottoms have a flattering cut.

Since Tj Max, Marshalls and Burlington Coat Factory’s merchandise is a different grade than what department stores sell, I’ll save time in the future. Why not splurge (lots of sales) on pajamas for that high thread count? :)

Ralph Lauren Coats for Kids Outlet campaign exceeds goal of 100 donations

The idea of children without warm winter Ralph Lauren Outlet clothes chilled the staff of Quiet Waters Park to the core, so after the park’s office manager Chanell Clemmons, mentioned the idea of a children’s coat drive to park superintendent Brad Hunt, the first “Coats for Kids” Campaign began.

“A lot of kids only have the bare minimum and we wanted to help with that,” said Hunt. “All of the things we collect are going to Child Protective Services, Social Services, and the Department of Education so they can give what is needed most this time of year to those who need it most.”

The drive began Nov. 10 and was extended, with Monday being the final day to donate. It already has exceeded Clemmons’ goal of collecting over 100 coats, along with over 120 gloves, scarfs and hats for children in Anne Arundel County.

After proposing the idea to Hunt, Clemmons sent out emails to the Quiet Waters Park staff, contacted social workers and the Department of Education, and asked the community for their help, even including her daughter who donated and counted every article received.

“People were really generous, giving new North Face, Land’s End, and Ralph Lauren Polo Outlet coats” Clemmons said. “The staff here went out and bought new coats and winter gear and Return to Oz donated coats they couldn’t sell in their consignment shop, which I took to the laundromat.”

The decision to focus on kids from infants to teenagers came from Clemmons. While working as a Social Worker knew of an infant in need of a coat, but did not have one.

“It was so sad to see,” Clemmons said. “Sometimes children are removed from a home in a hurry and can’t take the essentials like a coat with them or their parents can’t afford these clothes so its important to help give these children winter essentials to be warm and feel normal.”

“Now I stare at the infant coats from the drive because they’re so cute and I know they’re going to be a help to kids,” she said.

To give back to those who donated, each person who donated was entered to win a 30-visit coupon book to the ice rink at Quiet Waters Park.

This may be the first time Quiet Waters Park has held a winter coat drive, but they donate throughout the year to Social Services or Goodwill in Annapolis when items in the lost and found are not claimed after an extended period of time.

Hunt is looking to make this an annual drive, with winter closet clearing an added perk to the main goal of giving back to people in the community who need it most.

“There are a lot of people that have UK Ralph Lauren Outlet tons of kids clothes that are left over from their kids who have outgrown them and are sitting in there closets,” Hunt said. “So we thought what better way to get rid of it than to give it to people who need it.”

For Clemmons she wanted the children who receive these coats to feel special.

“I want them to feel loved and know that there are a lot of people who care in the community who will be there to help,” Clemmons said. “I want them to feel warm and special, to put a smile on their face and make them feel happy inside.”

Donations can be dropped off from 1 to 9 p.m. Friday and Monday and from 9 am.. to 9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at the ice rink office at the park’s visitor center, 600 Quiet Waters Park Road.

Women’s Ralph Lauren Dresses UK on Sale


COLLEZIONE POLO DI RALPH LAUREN OUTLET – La collezione Polo di Ralph Lauren UK per l’inverno è giovane e casual, nata dalla fusione perfetta tra fantasie etniche dell’America centro- meridionale, elementi tipici del Western ed un look classico americano. Nella collezione sono presenti abitini corti o camicioni da usare come vestiti, leggings e jeans, giacche, maglioni e cardigan dalla foggia prettamente invernale.

COLLEZIONE POLO DI RALPH LAUREN OUTLET – Gli abiti sono decorati con stampe di vario tipo. Non mancano le gonne corte a pieghe e giacche con stemmi da scolaretta, camicie eleganti, giacche col risvolto, cardigan con il logo. Ricorrente ance l’uso della pelle nera per gonne o pantaloni aderenti.

Ralph Lauren Outlet Launches Wearable Technology Handbag

Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet has launched a variation on its signature Ricky bag, which features an internal LED light and built-in USB charger for a smartphone. It’s a game changer for us in luxury, David Lauren, executive vice president for advertising, marketing and corporate communications at the brand, told The New York Times.

Lots of people just see us as timeless and classic but we need to define modernity, too, and there’s nothing like technology to make that statement. The regular Ricky 33 bag is $3,500, and the new technological variation runs for $5,000. Like Henry Ford said about the Model T, You can have it in any color you want, as long as it’s black, Lauren told the New York Times.

The bag has been in development for about eight months and is handmade in Italy. It takes 12 hours to create and is composed of leather and rose gold hardware. The first version will only be offered in the 33-centimeter size — being the width from left to right. It will debut on limited release for the holiday season, with only 10 Ralph Lauren Outlet UK shops stocked with samples available for special order. They will go on wider distribution in February.

Once you know what you’re capable of, it opens up all sorts of possibilities, Lauren told The New York Times. We sit in meetings, and people just throw ideas out. Crazy stuff. The bag follows Ralph Lauren‘s earlier introduction of the Polo tech shirt. Many luxury brands are expanding into the technology realm. For example, Barneys New York will begin selling exclusive Intel Smart bracelets designed by Opening Ceremony.

Additionally, last week André Leon Talley was named fashion and style director of i.amPULS,’s new wearable tech line. The digital universe is a new, exciting opportunity for me to reach a broad audience in terms of the global luxury market, Talley told WWD last year.

Legendary designer ralph lauren opens a new Galleria store that’s younger and less expensive

new ralph lauren outlet store

The legendary designer has opened a big new Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet Outlet store in The Galleria. The new store, located near Louis Vuitton and Zara in Galleria I, is the newest concept  from Lauren, featuring a sporty lineup for men and women that skews younger and less expensive than his namesake Ralph Lauren Collection.

Lauren debuted the Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet UK collection for women last February during New York fashion week and in September presented a 4D holograph runway show in Central Park to showcase the new brand.

Houston is one of the first cities outside of New York to get the new store. (Earlier this fall, Lauren opened a flagship Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet store on tourist-friendly Fifth Avenue in New York.)

The new Houston store has a woodsy motif, with reclaimed oak floors, vintage lighting, painted millwork, brick walls and sporty accents like a canoe mounted on the ceiling. Large windows allow shoppers to look into the store while walking in the Galleria. The exterior also displays a large symbol of a polo player on a pony that is Lauren’s trademark.

The store is the second from Ralph Lauren in The Galleria. He continues to operate the more upscale Ralph Lauren Collection store near Neiman Marcus.

Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet overturn polo player on a bicycle trademark decision

Fashion brand Ralph Lauren Outlet’s Polo range has won an EU court battle to overturn an earlier decision to grant a trademark registration for a polo player on a bicycle motif on behalf of OHIM.

The clash erupted over the use of a figurative sign which Ralph Lauren Outlet UK claimed infringed upon their trademark of a Polo player riding a horse.

A judgment posted by the General Court of the EU noted: “The intervener (Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet) submits that the Board of Appeal did not err in finding that the signs at issue were dissimilar overall. In particular, the intervener states that the only similarity between the two signs at issue is the polo mallet held by the player, which is, however, raised in opposite directions.

“Any other similarities between the signs at issue, in particular those put forward by the applicant in its written pleadings, are negligible or trivial. By contrast, the other elements of the signs at issue, such as the bicycle or the horse are significant.

“Furthermore, the intervener submits that the representation of a polo player on a bicycle conceptualises an emergent urban sport, which is played on tennis courts or in school playgrounds. That sport is therefore different visually and conceptually from the traditional sport of polo.”

Following the ruling OHIM has been ordered to pay legal costs incurred by Polo Ralph Lauren Outlet.