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    (CNN)So here we are, 18 months until the next presidential election, and the situation is this: Republicans are behaving like Democrats, and Democrats are acting like a bunch of Republicans.

    In Hillary Clinton, the Democrats have a presumptive nominee, almost an incumbent, an establishment candidate. The party overwhelmingly applauds her ascension. Republicans, meantime, are looking at a field of more than a dozen candidates, of all political theologies, ready to duke it out.

    Gloria Borger

    More than three-quarters of Democrats love Clinton, willing to reach back a political generation to nominate her. Republicans, on the other hand, seem to have four or five candidates they could live happily with — of all generations, from Jeb Bush to Marco Rubio.

    Isn’t it usually the Republicans who revert to the establishment candidate? Um, yes. But not this time, or at least not this early.

    That may be the reason that some Democrats profess to feeling a bit antsy about their new predicament. They understand their acclaim for candidate Clinton is not universal by any means. They understand that at this point, Clinton is predictably flying at a lower altitude in the polls than she did when she was secretary of state. She’s now a politician; ipso facto, her polls go down.

      But there’s something else going on that makes some Democrats, well, uncomfortable. And it’s not just that the number of people with a negative view of Clinton has jumped six points in the last month, according to the most recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. Again, part of that is natural gravity, and to be expected.

      What’s more troubling is the haunting sense of d��j�� vu when it comes to the other numbers — the ones about honesty and being straightforward. This NBC/WSJ poll showed that only one-quarter of voters say Clinton has those attributes, and that’s down from 38% a year ago — which wasn’t fabulous to begin with. Even though the new CBS News/New York Times poll found a slight rebound in her favor regarding whether she’s honest, the public is still split on the matter. And when you run for president, trust is not a small matter.

      Sure, young voters don’t care about the drama of the previous Clinton White House years. And young women, in particular, love Hillary Clinton. But the trust numbers are a real issue. Not because it’s a primary problem, because of course it isn’t. Right now, nothing has destabilized her support inside the Democratic Party. "But this could be a general election problem," says one Democratic strategist. "It defies logic and experience and evidence to refuse to believe that recent controversies have not accelerated this lack of trust issue."

      Whether it’s emails or the Clinton Foundation or the Scooby-Doo van, a kind of negative dynamic is in its nascent stage. Young, but there. And Clinton needs to convince people it’s a temporary downdraft, that she is no caricature.

      How to do it? Campaign brains can figure out what to do because here’s what doesn’t work: rope-a-dope or hastily called press conferences at the United Nations.

      Because, like it or not, Clinton is, in many ways, already in a general election campaign. The other team is ganging up against her — and she doesn’t seem to crack 50% against most of them. But it’s also true that her lines going down have not crossed any Republican lines heading up. She needs to keep it that way.

      So talk. Take on the charges against the Clinton Foundation. Or the emails. Bill Clinton defending you — and himself — clearly isn’t the answer. Hillary Clinton may not yet have a big-time opponent, but she needs to start running like she does.

      In the Democratic Party, even the establishment candidate has to run like a truth-telling renegade, speaking truth to power. Even when you seem to have all the power yourself.

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      a vintage performance that included emotional references to the President’s personal experiences and an explicit promise to keep working on the initiative after he leaves the White House in 2017.

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        Errol Louis is the host of "Inside City Hall," a nightly political show on NY1, a New York all-news channel. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

        (CNN)The recent debate over where President Barack Obama will establish a library to house his official papers — a debate now settled in favor of Chicago — serves as a reminder that we’ll soon see the end of the administration and the launch of an Obama post-presidency.

        To judge by recent comments, Obama as an ex-president will end up reverting to his most successful political persona: an inspirational figure helping to guide America forward on painful, thorny issues of race and social justice.

        Errol Louis

        You could hear it in his address this week at the launch of the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, part of a national network of nonprofit organizations in 200 communities nationwide that, with help from the White House, are focused on improving the lives of low-income black and Latino boys.

        Obama delivered one of the most important speeches of his career, a vintage performance that included emotional references to the President’s personal experiences and an explicit promise to keep working on the initiative after he leaves the White House in 2017.

        "I grew up without a dad. I grew up lost sometimes and adrift, not having a sense of a clear path. And the only difference between me and a lot of other young men in this neighborhood and all across the country is that I grew up in an environment that was a little more forgiving," Obama said. "This will remain a mission for me and for Michelle not just for the rest of my presidency, but for the rest of my life."

          How Obama ranks among presidential peers

          How Obama ranks among presidential peers

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            How Obama ranks among presidential peers

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          How Obama ranks among presidential peers

          That promise, if kept, would make Obama’s an exception to the political path cut by his recent predecessors. Among living ex-presidents, Democrats Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have remained on the international political stage, leveraging the global prestige of the Oval Office to intervene in diplomatic and humanitarian emergencies, while the Republican Bushes, father and son, have played a more muted role, with a focus on trying to position another family member, Jeb Bush, for a 2016 run for the White House.

          Carter, who holds the record of serving as an ex-president longer than any of his predecessors, has been active — some might say hyperactive — on the world stage; his Carter Center monitors elections in emerging democracies and Carter himself has served as a special diplomatic envoy. Twenty-one years after leaving office, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, the only ex-president to win one.

          Clinton, whose family foundations tackle global crises, plays a different role on the global stage, one that has stirred controversy thanks to his controversial practice of accepting money from foreign governments and corporations while his wife, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, was secretary of state.

          Ex-Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, by contrast, have kept a much lower political profile, in part as a strategic calculation to help the latest Bush-for-president effort. As George W. Bush recently noted in a closed-door meeting, voters remain suspicious, if not downright hostile, to the idea of family dynasties dominating American politics.

          2012: Kenya celebrates Obama victory

          2012: Kenya celebrates Obama victory

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            2012: Kenya celebrates Obama victory

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          2012: Kenya celebrates Obama victory

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          Obama is in a prime position to chart a unique post-presidency. Like Carter and Clinton, he will have a high profile internationally: He remains a political rock star throughout much of the developing world. He is popular in Asia, thanks to a youth spent in Indonesia and his historic trip as the first U.S. president to attend India’s Republic Day celebrations. And he has built on his status as the son of a Kenyan student to create low-key outreach efforts such as the Young African Leaders Initiative, which has provided leadership training to aspiring African civic and political leaders.

          On the domestic front, Obama will likely follow the activism of a Carter, but with a focus on issues of race and equality.

          "What this comes down to is, do we love these kids?" Obama said in his Bronx speech. "See, if we feel like because they don’t look like us, or they don’t talk like us, or they don’t live in the same neighborhood as us that they’re different, that they can’t learn, or they don’t deserve better, or it’s OK if their schools are rundown, or it’s OK if the police are given a mission just to contain them rather than to encourage them, then it’s not surprising that we’re going to lose a lot of them. But that’s not the kind of country I want to live in. That’s not what America is about."

          Powerful words. They promise a powerful role when Obama becomes an ex-president.

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          Don’t feel good

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            Ford Vox is a physician specializing in rehabilitation medicine and a journalist based in Atlanta. He writes frequently for CNN Opinion. Follow him on Twitter @FordVox. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

            (CNN)Let’s get this out of the way first: Working out on a treadmill is far more likely to improve your health than harm it. That said, the tragic death of Silicon Valley executive Dave Goldberg can be an important reminder to the public to heed a few safety tips when using these popular machines.

            Ford Vox

            Goldberg, the husband of Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg, was vacationing with his family in Mexico when he reportedly fell off a treadmill during an afternoon workout, striking his head. A Mexican official told reporters bluntly that Goldberg "cracked his head open" and died from a brain injury and massive blood loss.

            Now it’s certainly possible that Goldberg suffered some other medical event before he fell. He apparently lay on the floor for up to three hours before his brother discovered him, so foul play is also possible. Mexican authorities haven’t disclosed the details of any investigation, if there was one, or an autopsy report.

            Assuming Goldberg was healthy and suffered grievous harm solely from the treadmill accident, what should we do?

            Just as you’re likely to commute home safe and sound without being injured in a car collision, treadmills usually get the job done without disaster. But on treadmills, as with driving, you must follow safe practices, maintaining the proper mental state and focus, and that means avoiding fiddling with your phone. It’s probably not a coincidence that exercise equipment injury rates jumped markedly after the introduction of the iPhone.

              Dr. Raj discusses Dave Goldberg's gym injury

              ac head trauma and dave goldberg_00021317

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                Dr. Raj discusses Dave Goldberg’s gym injury

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              Dr. Raj discusses Dave Goldberg’s gym injury

              But all safety advice is local. For example, a treadmill was a safer option for people who love to run than the snowy streets of Boston this winter. A pedestrian is killed in traffic every two hours in the United States, according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Meanwhile, treadmill deaths are rare — "between 2003 and 2012, there were 30 deaths associated with treadmills, for an average of three deaths per year, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission," says an article in LiveScience.

              When I heard about Goldberg’s cause of death, I thought about the patient population I treat at Shepherd Center, a rehabilitation hospital in Atlanta, where we treat hundreds of traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury patients every year. I’ve never seen a treadmill injury, so I polled several of my colleagues, and among the seven of us, only two doctors could ever recall treating a treadmill injury victim.

              One patient fell off his treadmill and suffered a neck fracture that led to quadriplegia. Another suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. One doctor who treated a treadmill victim makes a point to tell his recovering patients to avoid treadmills or be wary of them.

              We use treadmills in rehab, but usually we’ll rig up safety harnesses because of the high fall risk among people with unsteady gaits. A safety harness, even for a home treadmill, is worth considering if you love this kind of workout but deal with imbalance for any reason.

              It’s important to think about treadmill falls in the context of all types of falls, which, taken as a total, are the top cause of traumatic brain injury and the second leading cause of spinal cord injury. You name the piece of equipment, or the piece of furniture, and there’s an injury rate associated with it, with falls typically the major mechanism.

              What killed David Goldberg?

              What killed David Goldberg?

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                What killed David Goldberg?

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              What killed David Goldberg?

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              So humans must constantly gauge fall risks. For example, starting around this time of year, a new wave of patients rolls through our doors after suffering grievous trauma through head-first diving accidents. Never dive head-first into any body of water, ever. Always enter water feet first. It’s just not worth the risk.

              There are a few practical tips that will help limit your risk of being injured on a treadmill, and I’ve listed them below.

              Beyond reinforcing these precautions, I hope this high-profile accident will spur the treadmill industry toward greater innovations. I’m impressed with newer models that automatically stop when your feet aren’t on the belt, rather than relying on clip-on emergency stop lanyards that nobody ever seems to use.

              But how about some artificial intelligence that could really save our noggins and necks? Your treadmill could detect abnormalities in your heart rhythm or gait pattern before disaster strikes, warning you or stopping. I’m sure we’ll get there — and better.

              In the meantime, please follow these safety tips:

              ? Don’t stand on the belt when you press the "On" button. Straddle it, then step on the moving belt on a slow setting.

              ? Keep the area around your treadmill clear of anything you wouldn’t be happy landing on. Add plenty of space in case you manage to fling yourself off at speed.

              ? Don’t box your treadmill against a wall, as you could end up trapped between the wall and the running machine.

              ? Always wear the emergency stop key, despite how uncool it looks.

              ? On a treadmill you’ve never used before? Don’t watch TV this time. Get used to it first.

              ? Limit the multitasking. Save answering emails, texting and making phone calls for later.

              ? Don’t feel good? If you’re off your game in any way, but still feel like exercising, choose a gym activity that’s a little milder and less demanding and not so severely punishing if you trip up. Save the treadmill for your "A" game. This goes for after you’ve started as well. Feeling a little lightheaded, or caught your toe once or twice? Time to move on.

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              the French authorities’ report said.

              03 plane crash reaction 0324

              05 plane crash reaction 0324 RESTRICTED

              04 plane crash reaction 0324

              06 plane crash reaction 0324

              08 plane crash reaction 0324

              01 plane crash reaction 0324

              RESTRICTED 03 germanwings reax 0325

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              07 germanwings reax 0325

              06 germanwings reax 0325

              05 germanwings reax 0325

              04 germanwings reax 0325

              10 germanwings reaction 0325

              04 germanwings reax 0326

              03 germanwings reax 0326

              02 germanwings reax 0326

              01 germanwings reax 0326

              03 germanwings reaction 0327

              02 germanwings reaction 0327

              01 germanwings reaction 0327

              02 germanwings reacation

              01 germanwings reaction 0328

              germanwings alps crash memorial

              03 germanwings reaction 0403

              02 germanwings reaction 0403

              01 germanwings reaction 0403

              01 germanwings reaction 0404

              RESTRICTED 07 plane crash 0324 FILE

              02 plane crash 0324 RESTRICTED

              11 plane crash 0324

              10 plane crash 0324

              20 plane crash 0324

              12 plane crash 0324

              18 plane crash 0324

              13 plane crash 0324

              17 plane crash 0324

              25 plane crash 0324 RESTRICTED

              21 plane crash 0324

              04 germanwings 0325

              02 germanwings 0325

              01 germanwings 0325

              01 germanwings 0326

              02 germanwings 0326

              05 germanwings 0326

              04 germanwings 0327

              Germanwings investigation

              03 germanwings 0327

              01 germanwings 0327

              03 germanwings crash 0403

              04 germanwings crash 0403 RESTRICTED

              02 germanwings crash 0403

              01 germanwings crash 0403

              01 germanwings

              Story highlights

                (CNN)French investigators’ assertion that Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz rehearsed a suicide plane crash raises a provocative question: How do they really know he was doing a dry run?

                "We don’t is the short answer," CNN aviation correspondent Richard Quest said.

                What validates the belief is how Lubitz programmed the high-flying plane several times to descend to an altitude of 100 feet, Quest said, citing the interim report from French air accident investigators.

                Those decisions are alarming.

                "You have to remember most pilots would never go to these extremes," Quest said. "They will never ask the aircraft to do something which could be inherently dangerous in such a fashion."

                  Lubitz selected an altitude of 100 feet for three seconds on one occasion and chose the same altitude again for one minute, 47 seconds, another time, Quest said.

                  "What’s he doing is he is testing the system," Quest said. "He is seeing how it reacts if you do something quite outrageous like set the autopilot to 100 feet instead of say 20,000 or 10,000 (feet) or whatever it is supposed to be.

                  "He wants to see, does the Airbus rebel? Does it set off warning noises? Does it take over control? Does the envelope protections suddenly kick in?" Quest said. "And what he discovers of course (is) it doesn’t, and then on the return flight, we know what happens."

                  In March, Lubitz deliberately crashed the Airbus A320 into the French Alps, killing all 150 people aboard, authorities concluded.

                  CNN aviation analyst Miles O’Brien also agreed with the French authorities’ report asserting that Lubitz practiced a course setting to crash the plane. Asked if there could be any innocent interpretation of the recorded events, O’Brien said, "It was a dry run, there’s no question."

                  French authorities released details Wednesday of what happened on both the outbound and return flights aboard the Germanwings Flight 9525 between Barcelona, Spain, and Dusseldorf, Germany, in March.

                  Report: Germanwings co-pilot practiced crash

                  Report: Germanwings co-pilot practiced crash

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                    Report: Germanwings co-pilot practiced crash

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                  Report: Germanwings co-pilot practiced crash

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                  It was on the return flight that Lubitz deliberately crashed the plane.

                  But it was on the outbound flight when Lubitz did test runs of changing the plane’s altitude to 100 feet, the French authorities’ report said.

                  While Lubitz was alone on the flight deck on the outbound flight, he was asked to bring the plane down to a lower altitude.

                  At one point, "the selected altitude decreased to 100 ft for three seconds and then increased to the maximum value of 49,000 ft and stabilized again at 35,000 ft," the report said.

                  Less than two minutes later, "the selected altitude was 100 feet most of the time and changed several times until it stabilized at 25,000 ft."

                  At this point the captain buzzed to re-enter the cockpit, and the flight continued as planned to Barcelona.

                  Because he had already been asked to descend, Lubitz’s apparent rehearsal of different altitude settings would have gone unnoticed by air traffic controllers since he did not diverge from the flight plan.

                  The French investigators’ report and a Germanwings representative both indicate that the same six crew members were on both legs of the trip.

                  The report by the French air accident investigation agency, the BEA, is based on analysis of the aircraft’s flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder.

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                  U.S. man accused of killing parents – CNN.com

                  Story highlights

                    (CNN)At Sapphire Bay in the Virgin Islands, the sunshine is warm, the beach is beautiful and the water sparkles clear as glass. It’s close to paradise on Earth — a spot where you can relax and leave the cares of the world behind.

                    Yet authorities say that on Saturday in a rental condominium on this pristine bay, that idyllic scene was darkened by a double murder. In a bathroom in one of the Crystal Cove Condominiums, staff members investigating a leak Monday found the body of Kenneth Young, a 73-year-old resident of Massachusetts. He had been stabbed numerous times, authorities said.

                    Found in the unit’s second bathroom was the body of his wife, Jane Nancy Young, who was 66. She, too, had been stabbed multiple times, according to investigators.

                    Suspect arrested in Massachusetts

                    And the suspect is their 24-year-old son, Mikhail Young. He returned alone to the U.S. mainland, and was arrested by police in Sudbury, Massachusetts, where the family lived.

                      Authorities in the Virgin Islands said at a news conference that surveillance video showed Mikhail Young entering the rented condo at 11 a.m. on Saturday, followed by his parents.

                      Shortly before noon, according to authorities, he left the unit by himself. And further investigation revealed, authorities said, that at around 3 p.m. that afternoon Mikhail Young boarded a US Airways flight for Philadelphia.

                      Virgin Islands police say Young is charged with murder. Those authorities said they got in touch with police in Sudbury, who said they knew of Young because they had received numerous calls about disturbances he was causing.

                      Report: Parents had requested restraining orders

                      WCVB television, a CNN affiliate in Boston, reported that court records showed a history of restraining orders requested by the parents against their son.

                      The station said that Young was adopted, and that he’d been arrested in Sudbury in 2008 for possession of marijuana and in 2010 for assault and battery following a domestic dispute.

                      The station also reported that he took medication for bipolar disorder, but neighbors said he was doing better lately and the tension was subsiding.

                      His mother had been a teacher at Lincoln-Sudbury High School.

                      "Mrs. Young was a well-loved member of the LS math department for 17 years," the school said in an email to parents.

                      She had retired just a few months ago, WCVB said.

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                      a who’s who of fashion and Hollywood.

                      14 met gala 2015 Keri Russell

                      13 met gala 2015 Spike Lee Tonya Lewis

                      12 met gala 2015 Katie Holmes

                      11 met gala 2015 Allison Williams

                      10 met gala 2015 Amanda Seyfried Justin Long

                      09 met gala 2015 Elizabeth Banks

                      08 met gala 2015 Dwyane Wade Gabrielle Union

                      07 met gala 2015 Poppy Delevingne

                      06 met gala 2015 Courtney Eaton

                      05 met gala 2015 Alicia Keys

                      04 met gala 2015 Anna Wintour Bee Shaffer

                      03 met gala 2015 Jennifer Lawrence

                      02 met gala 2015

                      01 met gala 2015 Neil Patrick Harris David Burtka

                      26 met gala 2015

                      25 met gala 2015

                      24 met gala 2015

                      23 met gala 2015

                      22 met gala 2015

                      21 met gala 2015

                      20 met gala 2015

                      19 met gala 2015

                      18 met gala 2015

                      17 met gala 2015

                      16 met gala 2015

                      15 met gala 2015

                      met gala 2015 parker cohen

                      51 met gala 2015

                      50 met gala 2015

                      49 met gala 2015

                      48 met gala 2015

                      47 met gala 2015

                      46 met gala 2015

                      45 met gala 2015

                      44 met gala 2015

                      43 met gala 2015

                      42 met gala 2015

                      41 met gala 2015

                      40 met gala 2015

                      37 met gala 2015

                      36 met gala 2015

                      35 met gala 2015

                      34 met gala 2015

                      33 met gala 2015

                      32 met gala 2015

                      31 met gala 2015

                      30 met gala 2015

                      29 met gala 2015

                      28 met gala 2015

                      27 met gala 2015

                      01 beyonce met gala 0504

                      Story highlights

                        Peggy Drexler is the author of "Our Fathers, Ourselves: Daughters, Fathers, and the Changing American Family" and "Raising Boys Without Men." She is an assistant professor of psychology at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City and a former gender scholar at Stanford University. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the writer.

                        (CNN)It might be easy to look at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual Costume Institute Gala, overseen by Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour, as less charity event and more big, extravagant popularity contest, a who’s who of fashion and Hollywood.

                        And it is: Each photo of the gala seems more star-studded than the last and begs the question: Who wasn’t there?

                        For those of us who browse the photos while drinking coffee at our regular-people kitchen tables or sitting at our regular-people desk jobs, it may be easy to feel inferior: Will I ever get to go to a party, or wear something, or meet people, so glamorous?

                        Peggy Drexler

                        And yet imagine if you were a celebrity or fashion careerist — or thought you were, anyway — left off Wintour’s guest list. Imagine if it really did mean something that you weren’t there.

                        Luckily, it doesn’t. That’s because most of us outside of Hollywood, or fashion, don’t view either industry as a genuine point of comparison. If every image of a woman or man far more beautiful and talented and wealthier than we are, or might ever be, made us feel bad about ourselves, no one would buy Us Weekly or watch "Entertainment Tonight" — except many do. No one would stay up all night to see a royal wedding. We wouldn’t buy clothing "designed" by celebrities whose style we emulate if doing so only reminded us of the parties to which we’d never get to wear them. Jessica Simpson would not be a billionaire.

                          Sure, we can wish we were famous. Or better looking. Or dating Bradley Cooper! But most consumers of entertainment view it as just that — entertainment. And that’s good news.

                          Unlike some of the more traditional red carpet events — such as awards shows — the Met gala is explicitly about fashion. And being a costume-themed ball, it’s about particularly over-the-top fashion. The gala committee determines a theme, and guests are asked to dress accordingly. The celebrities who attend put a lot of thought and work into it, as if it’s their jobs — which, of course, it is.

                          Celebs don daring designs

                          Celebs don daring designs

                            JUST WATCHED

                            Celebs don daring designs

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                          Celebs don daring designs

                          PLAY VIDEO

                          So when Sarah Jessica Parker dons a giant headdress, she’s doing it because it’s what’s expected of her. When Rihanna puts on a furry yellow cape that invites comparisons to pizza and SpongeBob and requires three assistants, same thing. They want to stand out, but if you think about it, they also want to fit in.

                          And that’s comforting, and what makes the Met gala so great. It reminds us "regular women" that we’re not the only ones with insecurities, hang-ups or fashion mistakes up our sleeves.

                          A few hours after the Twitterverse began chattering that Kim Kardashian’s dress was a copycat of the one Beyonc�� wore to the Met ball a few years back, Kardashian took to Twitter to announce, not so inconspicuously, that she had in fact been inspired by a Bob Mackie bodysuit worn by Cher in the ’70s. It was a move that reeked of baldfaced defensiveness. What do you know? Celebrities feel self-conscious, too. Just like us.

                          In fact, this year’s Met gala outfits were, as a whole, a particularly empowering bunch. While nudity has been a red carpet staple for years, the way it showed up at the gala reflected a shift toward "real body" acceptance that’s been happening throughout the industry lately.

                          Some of the evening’s most revealing dresses were worn by some of Hollywood’s curvier women: Beyonc��’s Givenchy dress was less a dress than a series of well-placed embellishments. Jennifer Lopez’s custom-made Donatella Versace was about 80% nude mesh and 20% red sequins. Kardashian’s Roberto Cavalli was described as "shockingly sheer" and "nearly nude."

                          Make no mistake: The intention of these dresses was for the headlines they’d generate and the heads they would turn. But when those heads turned, they turned to look not at a stick-thin woman but one who looked more like — if not quite like — the rest of us do. Which, no matter what you may think of the dresses or these women, sent a powerful message — that you can and should flaunt your body, no matter its size. That these women showed the world they’re comfortable not hiding their "flaws" was nothing short of empowering, especially if you consider the event is associated with Vogue, a publication often criticized for its focus on the super-skinny idealized version of the female body.

                          I won’t lie. In the real world, looks and popularity count for something. Women are judged on their appearance. In certain circles, they’re judged on whom they hang out with, the gatherings they do or don’t attend.

                          But if we look at the Met gala aftermath, and the press directed at who wore what and who sat with whom and who fought about what, it becomes clear. Their universes may be a little less star-studded, but "average" women certainly don’t have it any harder. In the end, we all see the same stars.

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                          April 27. She was 52.

                          02 ny gov mario cuomo 010115

                          elly may - RESTRICTED

                          little jimmy dickens pwl - RESTRICTED

                          stuart scott crop

                          Edward William Brook pwl - RESTRICTED

                          rod taylor - pwl - RESTRICTED

                          andrae crouch - pwl - RESTRICTED

                          Taylor negron RESTRICTED

                          ekberg pwl

                          RESTRICTED 01 Kim Fowley 0116

                          A$AP Yams 0119 RESTRICTED

                          01 Anne Kirkbride 0120

                          ernie banks

                          franklin pwl

                          RESTRICTED 01 Colleen McCullough 0130

                          Charles Sifford

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                          PWL 2015 slate

                          (CNN)Former House Speaker Jim Wright died early Wednesday morning at a nursing home in Fort Worth, Texas.

                          Wright was 92 years old, according to a representative from Thompson’s Harveson and Cole, a funeral home in Fort Worth, who confirmed his death to CNN.

                          The Texas Democrat’s congressional career spanned more than three decades and he was close to two national figures from his home state — former President Lyndon Baines Johnson and former Speaker Sam Rayburn.

                          Wright served two years as speaker, after Massachusetts Democrat Tip O’Neill retired. But he stepped down in 1989 after facing a House Ethics Committee investigation on improprieties with the sale of his book and fees from speaking engagements. He was the first speaker to resign in the face of a scandal.

                          House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the last Democrat to serve as speaker, cited Wright’s military service in World War II, his long career in public service, and his work brokering a relationship with the government of Nicaragua in the 1980’s in her statement on his death on Wednesday.

                          "Speaker Wright was a person of deep courage, brilliant eloquence, and complete mastery of the legislative process. Speaker Wright’s strong, decisive leadership built an indelible legacy of progress, not only in his beloved state of Texas, but around the world. Wright championed prosperity for every working family, and helped lead the way to peace to Central America," Pelosi said.

                            The current House Speaker John Boehner also praised Wright’s military and public service on Wednesday.

                            "Speaker Wright understood as well as anyone this institution’s closeness to the people, calling the House ‘the raw essence of the nation,’ " Boehner said.

                            The White House also issued a statement praising Wright’s career and his work on behalf of Texas.

                            "As a representative from Texas and speaker of the House, Jim was passionate about investing in infrastructure, and he worked tirelessly to promote peace in Central America," Obama said in the statement. "Today, our thoughts and prayers are with Jim’s family and friends, and the people he represented in Congress for so many years."

                            People we’ve lost in 2015

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                            Here it is

                            Story highlights

                              (CNN)When you’re the leader of a nation your duties are rarely limited to simply governing — some go on talk shows,coach outlet bangle, or pose with selfie sticks, while others have even been pictured riding shirtless on horseback.

                              Now that list has just been updated by Singapore’s Prime Minister.

                              On Monday, 63-year-old Lee Hsien Loong showed his hand at computer programming by publishing codes he wrote to solve Sudoku puzzles on his official Facebook page.

                              The post came after Lee said in a technology forum last month that he had programmed the Sudoku solver in C++ — a computer programming language — several years ago.

                              It has created considerable buzz on Facebook, attracting over 42,000 likes and being shared 14,500 times.

                                Internet users have also praised Lee’s skills.

                                A Twitter user in California wrote that Lee’s programming skills eclipsed President Obama’s efforts in December at a coding event in the White House.

                                One user even asked him to open an account on the code sharing website Github for others to modify his work. But Lee declined.

                                Lee studied mathematics and computer science at the University of Cambridge before obtaining a masters in public administration at Harvard University in the United States.

                                Emphasis on technology

                                Singapore’s population has one of the highest levels of computer ownership and Internet penetration in the world,coach hot items, according to the latest report by Infocom Development Authority of Singapore, or IDA, the government agency in charge of IT and telecommunications development.

                                In 2012, "About 85% of households had home computer access … about 84% of households had home Internet access and almost all of such households were connected to the Internet via broadband," according to the report.

                                A report by PISA, an international survey that evaluated education systems worldwide by assessing 15-year-old students’ reading, math and science abilities,coach factory jewelry, Singapore ranked second in math and third in science.

                                READ: The Singaporean math question that went viral

                                Lee’s post coincides ongoing efforts by the Singapore government to develop the wealthy city-state into a hub for technology startups.

                                the Palestinian territories

                                Story highlights

                                  (CNN)Migrant worker groups have reacted angrily to Indonesia’s move to ban its citizens from working as domestic helpers in 21 countries, mainly in the Middle East.

                                  They say it’ll do nothing to stop the abuse of Indonesian domestic workers, and will only drive the trade underground, exposing them to even greater risks.

                                  "(It’s) a very desperate move after the government refused to provide genuine and necessary protection for their overseas domestic workers," said Eni Lestari, chairwoman of the International Migrants Alliance (IMA), which has more than 150 member organizations in 35 countries.

                                  Indonesian President Joko Widodo foreshadowed the move in February by announcing that he wanted to put an end to the export of the country’s female workers.

                                  "The practice of Indonesian women going overseas to work as housemaids must stop immediately. We should have pride and dignity," he was quoted as saying.

                                    Indonesia maids executed

                                    The government is wary of the safety of its citizens working abroad, particularly in countries in the Middle East, which has a poor record when it comes to the rights and treatment of foreign workers.

                                    Since Widodo’s remarks, Saudi Arabia, one of the largest destination countries for Indonesia domestic workers, has executed two maids who were on death row for murder.

                                    Indonesia expressed its anger over the beheadings,coach factory jewelry, and summoned the Saudi ambassador for talks, with the main complaint being that Indonesian officials hadn’t been notified of the timing of the executions.

                                    The two women — Karni Bt. Medi Tarsim, 37 and Siti Zaenab Bt. Duhri Rupa, 47 — were both convicted of murder in two separate cases but rights groups cast doubt on their convictions and had appealed for them to be spared.

                                    Family members of Indonesian maid Siti Zainab hold a poster of her  at their home in Bangkalan in East Java, April 15, 2015.

                                    21 countries banned

                                    Palestinian territories
                                    Saudi Arabia
                                    South Sudan
                                    United Arab Emirates

                                    EXPAND IMAGE

                                    On Monday, Indonesia’s Minister of Manpower Muhammad Hanif Dhakiri said the country was trying to protect its workers from countries with inadequate labor laws.

                                    "The most important reason is there are no standardized labor regulations that bind the said countries, to the detriment of migrant workers," he said.

                                    The banned countries are: Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Egypt, Oman, Pakistan, the Palestinian territories,cheap coach, Qatar, South Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Jordan.

                                    According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, more than 630,000 Indonesians work in the Middle East. However, the government says that could be as high as 1.8 million when illegal workers are taken into account.

                                    The Indonesian government has laid some of the blame on the situation on the "kafalah" system in some Middle Eastern countries, which ties workers’ visas to sponsorship from their employers.

                                    "This culture often leads to migrant workers becoming highly dependent on their employers. It also weakens their position, their working condition and lives," Dhakiri said.

                                    The ban will be brought in over a transition period of three months. Around 4,700 domestic workers in the process of being employed in the Middle East will still be allowed to travel, Dhakiri said. But he added that they’ll be the last. Maids who are already there will be allowed to finish their contracts.

                                    Maid allegedly burned by Saudi employer

                                    Maid allegedly burned by Saudi employer

                                      JUST WATCHED

                                      Maid allegedly burned by Saudi employer

                                    More Videos …

                                    MUST WATCH

                                    Maid allegedly burned by Saudi employer

                                    No barrier

                                    Lestari, from the International Migrants Alliance, said the official ban wouldn’t stop domestic workers who are determined to work abroad from entering banned countries.

                                    "It doesn’t minimize (the problem). If fact, it puts all people in a very dangerous situation," she said, predicting that workers currently in those countries would overstay their visas in order to remain employed.

                                    She blamed the current situation on the Indonesian government, which she said had failed to offer adequate protection and advice to workers in foreign countries.

                                    "We believe that the reason why the government has committed to stopping the deployment is simply because there are too many cases that haven’t been properly responded to by the government."

                                    Lestari said not enough was going down to punish unscrupulous recruiters, who she said were likely to keep sending workers to the Middle East despite the ban.

                                    Millions of Indonesian migrant workers are employed by foreign countries,coach leather bags, and in 2013 they sent home remittances worth more than $7.3 billion.

                                    They choose to work away from their families because there are fewer job prospects at home.

                                    The Indonesian government said it would endeavor to create more opportunities for workers to stay in Indonesia, by providing entrepreneurial training.

                                    "The government also will shift these would be migrants to be legally employed in the formal sector, based on their capabilities and competencies," Manpower Minister Dhakiri said.

                                    which he called “absolutely obscene” and calling for breaking up the “too big to fail” banks

                                    Washington (CNN)Presidential contender Bernie Sanders insisted Wednesday that he isn’t running "against Hillary Clinton," but drew on the ongoing fight over a major trade deal to distinguish himself from his opponent for the Democratic nomination.

                                    Sanders, a senator from Vermont, pointed out his role in "helping to lead" the fight against the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, known as TPP, and urged voters to "look at the record" — a record that shows Clinton advocated for TPP during her time as Secretary of State.

                                    "I have voted against every disastrous trade agreement coming down the pike and helping to lead the effort against this Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would mean the outsourcing of more good paying job to low-wage countries," Sanders said Wednesday on CNN’s "New Day."

                                    "People have got to look at Secretary Clinton’s record,coach outlet online," Sanders added.

                                    Sanders launched his campaign for president last week,coach classic style bags, one that will build on grassroots support.

                                    RELATED: Bernie Sanders challenges Hillary Clinton’s trade record

                                      In the first 24 hours after he announced, Sanders raised $1.5 million from 35,000 contributors who donated on average $43.54 — a trend that is likely to continue as Sanders has railed against "the billionaire class" and overly lax campaign finance regulations that have increased the influence of mega donors in recent election cycles.

                                      Sanders again resisted attacking Clinton, so far his only announced opponent in the Democratic field, insisting that he is "running for working families and the middle class, not against Hillary Clinton."

                                      Sanders instead pivoted to his campaign platform: railing against wealth inequality in America, which he called "absolutely obscene" and calling for breaking up the "too big to fail" banks, which he suggested makes them "too big to exist."

                                      Sanders is also pushing to expand Social Security, raise taxes on the wealth and create a tuition-free college program.

                                      RELATED: Windfall at Bernie’s: Sanders raises $1.5 million in 24 hours

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